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Apkip.it cuts up to 40% of maintenance costs!

What Is Apkip.it

Apkip.it (sounds «Upkeep it!») is an intelligent building maintenance system based on BIM (Building Information Model). Compared with traditional maintenance approaches, Apkip.it allows operators to cut up to 40% of the maintenance costs, fastening the return of investments and lowering CAPEX and OPEX.

A central feature of the system is a digital information model of the building. The model includes detailed 3D schemes of each building element, including all its utility systems. All the changes in the actual state of the building must be recorded into the model, as well.

Apkip.it Main Features

With the traditional building maintenance approach, the volume of unrecorded changes increases rapidly. As a result, in just 5 — 10 years after the delivery, the real state of the facility completely differs from the archival one. It makes planning impossible, increases maintenance spendings, leads to staff inflating, and slows down the return of investments into the construction.

In Apkip.it, every single weighting feature of the building is reflected in the detailed 3D model. It includes not only the structure but also all the utilities — plumbing, electricity, etc. Thanks to what, the operating organization can plan both the maintenance activities and budgets. You no longer must keep a bunch of workers in-state just to be on the safe side. All the works can be easily outsourced.
The database is tied with the model and contains an actual state of all the systems and units. Unlike the clutter prevailing in accounting for almost any building operating in an old-fashioned way, all data is stored in perfect order and corresponds to the real situation. It allows the operator to check the current state of any unit instantly without a visual inspection.

Within the traditional approach, about 44% of unscheduled uptime happens due to the natural aging of equipment. And only 9% — due to its inappropriate quality. A lack of control makes such uptime unexpected, which leads to additional spendings. Apkip.it helps to maintain all the units on time and minimize the risk of the unscheduled uptime.

Full Maintenance History Record

Within the traditional approach to maintenance, the changes come mostly accidentally. Of course, it leads to the clutter, a lack of required register, and irregularities. As a result, the case goes out of control, the staff begin to steal the supplies and manage the situation, and you pay excessively.

The Apkip.it system contains a detailed and full maintenance history. It makes it possible to control supplies and materials flow. Thanks to high transparency, it becomes available to lay off the most maintenance staff in favor of outsourcing.

Trouble Ticketing System

The local staff can fake the maintenance tickets, taking advantage of insufficient awareness of authorities. It opens a possibility to conceal the theft and inflate the required labor intensity.

Apkip.it keeps all the tickets within the system. Both tenants and operator staff can easily create the ticket, but the closing always requires confirmation by a third party. It complicates theft and malpractice.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

The lack of real picture and transparency within the traditional approach turns the maintenance out to be quite random. Moreover, the reactive style is 40% more expensive than preventive and 56% more expensive than the predictive one.

Apkip.it has all the data necessary to analyze the previous experience. It helps to learn from your own mistakes and to increase the efficiency of maintenance step-by-step. In the future, when accumulating a sufficient volume of historical data, Apkip.it will provide an AI-based prediction system that will show better performance than the most skilled analysts.

Reports Generated on Demand

Once the actual data that indicates a state of the facility is absent, every single report or design document becomes a pain in the neck. In some countries, new tenants are often taking up and beginning repair before they get the essential documents. In such cases, the penalties from controlling authorities can include heavy fines and restrictions for the building owner.

Meanwhile, Apkip.it allows users to generate any documents based on data stored and pre-designed templates just with a few clicks. You can get a package of documents required for the real estate transaction in a couple of minutes instead of months you must spend earlier. Moreover, you could be sure that all the data specified there will be correct.

Prices and Terms

As you may know, the crisis reduces not only demand but also competition. The weakest players quit the market, and the strongest finally get new shares. For the real estate market, the crisis must be considered as an opportunity to tweak processes, eliminate bottlenecks, and enforce the competitive advantages. And Apkip.it is a key to these advancements.

Usually, people stay off from investments during the crisis. But this time your competitors decided to act differently. According to a comprehensive research conducted by Deloitte, in the next 18 months, about 47% of the construction-related businesses plan to increase the investments on new technologies even in a case of recession, while only 28% of those plan to decrease them. So, the investment into Apkip.it delivery allows you to outperform your competitors for at least next few years.

The Apkip.it price policy and delivery process in a nutshell:

We are ready to cover all delivery costs, including BIM modeling. Yes, you shouldn't pay even a buck before the launch! It allows you to cut down CAPEX in favor of OPEX.
The delivery process includes deep and comprehensive research of the site. It can last up to several months.
Once the system is delivered, you will pay a monthly subscription fee. Its size depends on the local average maintenance cost. Usually, we charge 20-25% of the economy Apkip.it provides. E. g. an average monthly maintenance cost per sq. meter in your area is $10. Apkip.it makes it available to save up to 40%, that is $4. And the monthly subscription fee will be $0.8 — $1 per sq. meter.
The only limitation we are forced to include is the mandatory minimum subscription time limit. It is necessary for us to recoup the delivery spendings. It is not more than 1-2 years, besides you can tear up the agreement in case the service quality level is unacceptable.

ISO 41000: Future of the CRE Industry

Construction and associated businesses are among the least digitized. Only agriculture is still worse. The major causes are overregulation, susceptibility to economic breakdowns, a substantial share of public contracts, cycle-after-cycle processes, informality, and corrupt practices. Based on McKinsey comprehensive research, solving the well-known issues using digitalization allows the industry to increase its performance on $1.6trl per year globally.

Now, the real estate associated business is standing at the threshold of disruptive changes. The Deloitte research proves this fact: even in a case of recession, about half of companies are ready to invest. The first ones who will decide to invest in IT will have a head start on those who will be less ballsy. And those who will prefer to sit snug, highly likely will lose the share or even withdraw from the market.
The building maintenance industry will be changing even more drastically. Currently, it is slightly more developed than the construction industry itself, but the transformation here is imminent. So, for example, A-class office buildings which have the highest rents, must be equipped with smart technologies. As for the top A+ class, the maintenance here must be highly transparent, immediate, and efficient, as well as comply with the state-of-the-art quality standard.

The cutting-edge facility management standards family is ISO41000. These standards provide specific criteria for quality control and performance measurement. Such an approach disables the typical manipulations of the CRE market players who try to assess their real estate higher than it really is.

Moreover, the standard includes a precise and easily understandable working methodology. It runs fully counter to inefficient and sophisticated established practices.

We're developing the Apkip.it service in compliance with the ISO 41000 standards family. You have a real opportunity to be the first in your area who will deliver the most efficient state-of-the-art technologies that will highlight you as a market leader. It means a reputation boost, a higher rent level, and satisfied tenants.

The Apkip.it Team

Vasily Kazachenko
Founder, CEO
Over his career, Vasily has held senior positions in companies in various fields of activity: IT, engineering, building maintenance. He has extensive experience in implementing projects at all stages of construction using modern techniques and, including BIM technology. He has extensive experience in organizing the management of building operations by the customer service.
Andrey Muronchik
Founder, COO
Over his career, Andrey has held senior positions in construction-related companies. He has extensive experience in implementing construction projects at all stages, as well as vast experience in BIM-technologies.
Vanda Prokopchik
BIM Expert
Experienced in QA/QC for BIM-based projects.
Egor Kaleynik
Quite experienced in B2B products and services promotion to the global market.
Yury Beliavsky
Irina Pshenichnaya
Marina Kazachenko
Staff hiring and support.
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